Inspiration Series: Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal Style #9004

“The Bubbly Beauty”

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal style #9004

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal style #9004

The first thing everyone notices about Gabriele is her smile; she is always smiling.  Her bubbly personality is infectious and makes even the quietest person open up after a few short minutes.  Every guy that meets Gabriele falls in love with her, which in the past has made her feel terrible. However, she became very good and letting the boys down in a way that assured they always remained friends. The girls wanted to hate Gabriele for this, but they couldn’t.   With the boys beating down her door one would expect that Gabriele would have spent most of her nights out on the town. The truth is that Gabriele’s favorite way to spend the evening has always been with her little sister.  Growing up, she would come straight home from school and help her with her homework.  At night she wanted to be the one to read her stories and tuck her baby sister into bed. Now that they are older, and the big day is approaching, Gabriele knew she would be doing her wedding dress shopping with no one other than her little sister.  The dress that both girls fell in love with was Liz Fields original, style 9004.  Gabriele loves that the feminine and flirty strapless gown with shirred layers of tulle over laces fit her like a glove.  Her sister’s favorite part is the double tiered tulle mermaid skirt.  Not only is this dress sister approved, but will certainly make Gabriele‘s smile the second thing people notice on her wedding day.

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