Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields style #9012

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal style #9012

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal style #9012

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields style #9012 back, asymmetric cascading organza ballgown

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields style #9012 back, asymmetric cascading organza ballgown

Style 9012

“The Passionate Musician”

For Jenna music is more than a passion; it is a way of life. She could never have fallen in love with anyone other than a musician, because music is a whole other language for her.  Their first date was at a local coffee house where they listened to unknown talent vent about life, love, and the New York subway.  On their second date they got all dolled up and went to The New York Philharmonic. And their third date they spent cuddled on her sofa drinking wine and watching La Boheme on TV.  Needless to say, Jenna gets very excited when she talks about music.  She told her (now) fiancé on their first date that her favorite thing about music is the way it can always surprise her;  starting out slowly and gracefully until, towards the end,  just when you have gotten used to that tempo and volume, the melody bursts into a fortissimo and brings you to your feet.  This is the exact feeling Jenna got when she saw the dress of her dreams, Liz Fields original, style 9012.  This dress starts at the top with a sweetheart neckline which is intricately hand beaded with floral motifs.  The beading becomes more spaced and delicate towards the waistline, and then just when you think your eyes think they know what’s coming next, the cascading organza sets a whole new tempo.  You can be sure than Jenna will be dancing down the aisle when she wears this gown.

This dress is absolutely breathtaking on! Your waist will magically appear teeny tiny, hiding any and every imperfection,  and the skirt is completely original with vintage charm and will make everybody’s heads spin!

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