Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields style #9009

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Wedding Dress Style #9009

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal Gown Style #9009

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal Gown Style #9009

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Wedding Dress Style #9009

Style 9009

“The World Traveler”

Meet Mia.  Mia is smart, sophisticated and savvy! She has traveled the world, but came home again for her true love.  Don’t get her wrong!  She plans to travel again, only with her hubby at her side this time.  Of course, with travel in her bones, Mia couldn’t resist having a destination wedding. She has had her heart set on being married in Goa, India.  She hopes that her guests will take the opportunity to do a little exploring of their own after her wedding.  For her honeymoon she is torn between Australia, and Greece. One thing that Mia was not torn on though was her Liz Fields original wedding dress, style 9009.   The chiffon bodice with square neckline and x-cross straps make her feel strong and sexy, while the beaded appliqué lace handwork and beading on tulle make her feel graceful and beautiful; just the perfect mix for Mia’s personality.

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