Inspiration Series: Style #9010

Style 9010

“The Star of the Show”

Rose is someone with a flair for the dramatic. Rather than pursuing acting, she chose to be part of the inner workings of the theater industry as a stage manager.  Rose is devoted to her craft.  If it is tech week, don’t expect to see her at all, (something her finance has grown used too).  Now that her wedding is coming closer it is clear that Rose has spent enough time backstage, and is ready to step into the spotlight as leading lady on her wedding day! Rose has seen enough leading lady gowns to know her dress needs to be dramatic and detailed. When Rose saw Liz Fields original, style 9010 she couldn’t decide which detail she loved more:  the intricate beading and embroidery on the bodice, the sexy and striking corset back, or the cascading volume of the gown.  Rose cannot wait to be the star of her own show in this gown!

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