Liz Fields Gives Wedding Fashion Tips in Western Mass Women Magazine

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Bridal Designer Tips for your Search!

Planning a wedding can seem like a daunting task, from finding the dress of your dreams, to choosing a color scheme, then finding bridesmaid gowns your friends can agree on, and all within a budget! The good news is that it can be fun and, with a few tips, it can be pretty stress-free too!

This season there is no shortage of exciting fashion trends to choose from when searching for your perfect gown.

As Head Designer of Liz Fields, specializing in bridal, bridesmaid and special occasion gowns, I would like to make your life just a little easier by giving you a quick overview of what I have noticed to be the top styles, fabrics and colors this season.

Traditional ballroom gowns are always popular, but this year they appear to be in full force. Ballroom gowns tend to make you feel like a princess and create that perfect hourglass shape, while disguising areas you might be self-conscious about! If you want the feel of a ballroom gown but would like some added zest to it, be sure to try a dress with asymmetric draping. Floral embellishmentsare also a great way to update the princess cut dress. Florals of all shapes and sizes are in this season so you could pick a dress with a more delicate flower, or one with eye catching rosettes.

If the ballroom silhouette doesn’t suite your fancy, opt for modern silhouettes that are getting a lot of attention this season; the sheath and the fit &flare. If you love your figure and have some curves, these are great styles to show it off in!

On the cutting edge of fashion is the asymmetrical one-shoulder gown. These styles happen to be some of my favorites this season and are an update on the traditional strapless gown. Elegant and romantic, the one-shoulder gown will beautifully accentuate your neck and shoulders. Planning a destination wedding? Definitely think about the one-shoulder option!

Color is becoming a more popular accessory on bridal gowns with small splashes and details in colors. An easy way to add color to any white dress is to add a sash or a flower in a color. Colors like champagne and gold are common, but think about adding a hint of your bridal party color into the mix for a different approach.

Brides this season seem to be looking for comfort, elegance, and value. When you have to wear a gown for hours of photography, ceremony and reception you want to make sure that you are comfortable to dance and enjoy the night away. Also, with the economy at a lull, most women are on a budget and do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding gown and hundreds on bridesmaids gowns.

Look for light and airy fabrics such as taffeta, organza and chiffon which are overtaking the heavier fabrics of previous seasons. These fabrics look beautiful layered and tend to be easier to wear. Also, you can find collections which are available at moderate prices and provide the consumer with great value, but be sure to always purchase your bridal gown from an authorized retailer.

Be sure to start looking for your gown early so that you can get a great deal and avoid stressful situations. While you can usually find some options available in a rush, most Designers will need about 3 months to make your gown and then the boutique will need another 2 months to properly fit you several times to ensure the perfect dress for your big day! With bridesmaid dresses, Designers ask for about two months and usually a dress will only need to be fit and altered once for each member of the bridal party.

Wedding experts agree that when searching for your perfect dress be open-minded and willing to try on dresses that might not be the style you had imagined. Often, you may be surprised and a gown you envisioned does not flatter your body the way something you did not even consider may! Above all remember to have fun planning for you big day, because in the end the only thing that matters is your happiness.

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