Fashion Origami Competition: Liz Fields Collection – Day 23

Our contest to create your own origami garment, and win a Liz Fields original hairpiece, is still going on!  This accessory was featured in our fall 2010 Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid dress photo shoot!  This is the perfect unique accessory to wear on your wedding day, or even at your prom!  Just send your photos to

Meanwhile, our Liz Fields contestants are in a head-to-head race of our own.  We just couldn’t resist having our own contest.  Our origami contest is being judged as a collection and ranges from origami formal wear, to accessories, to wedding gowns.  Whoever has the best overall showing at the end of 60 days wins!

Here is the latest addition to my collection:

Dress and Jacket by Liz Fields

My origami collection as of May 19th:

Origami collection by Liz Fields

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Inspiration Series: STYLE #8231

Liz Fields Destination Wedding Dress Style #8231

“The Flower Child”

Cloey often feels that she was born in the wrong decade.  Unsurprisingly her nickname in school was always the Happy Hippy.  Cloey lives for the spring time when she can spend hours in her garden tending to her flowers, and then when she is done, photographing them.  During the colder months she can be found in her basement/art studio blowing glass to sell at craft fairs. This year Cloey has another reason to look forward to the warm weather…her wedding is coming up!  This June, Cloey will be marrying her fellow glassblower, in a beautiful gazebo overlooking a lavender field. Cloey is looking for a dress which speaks to her calm nature loving personality, while still being cool and stylish; Liz Fields original, style 8231 did just that! Cloey’s dress is long and strapless, and she loves how the chiffon flows to her feet.  Her favorite detail in the dress is of course the bands on the bodice which have sunburst beading on them (how perfect)!  Cloey is thinking that she might just add some flowers in her hair from her own garden for the finishing touch on her perfect summer wedding day.

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Choosing a Dress: The Mother’s Day Edition

Let’s face it, buying a dress is stressful no matter who you are.  Even as a mother of the bride or groom you might begin feeling like YOU’RE the one getting married with all of the decisions you have to make!  In honor of mother’s day I wanted to show appreciation for all the hard working, ever-caring moms out there, (you know who you are) by giving you some tips when choosing a dress for your son or daughter’s wedding day.

  • The first thing I would recommend is to simply begin thinking about what style, length and price range you are interested in. If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, turn to magazines for some ideas.
  • When it is time to go shopping for a dress, if you are the mother of the bride, bring her along!  Your daughter will find it much less stressful than finding her own dress so she will be happy to do it. She might also have some ideas of what colors would complement the wedding party. You want to be sure that you don’t clash with the wedding party when it comes time for group pictures.
  •  The next person you should check with is the other mother. If you are the mother of the groom it is customary to wait for the mother of the bride to buy her dress first.  Whoever goes first, it is a good idea to have a conversation about what length and level of formality you would both like to wear.

At Liz Fields you will find a wide range of styles and silhouettes that will fit your budget.

Here are a few styles I have personally selected that could work for a mother of the bride or groom dress.

Liz Fields Style 288 & 289

Liz Fields Fall 2010 Preview

For more styles please visit

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Fashion Origami Competition: Roxan’s Collection – Day 10

Our Liz Fields fashion origami contest is full swing over here.  There is still plenty of time for you to join in on the fun!

As a reminder here are the exciting contests going on: 

Our Contest:  At Liz Fields we are going to make one origami garment each day and post them here. Whoever has the best collection at the end of 60 days wins! Think of it as Project Runway meets Julie & Julia. 

Your Contest:  We would love you play along with us!  Send us your own fashion origami creations and at the end of 60 days one lucky contestant will win a Liz Fields original hairpiece featured in our Fall 2010 photo shoot!  This is a great unique accessory to wear on your wedding day

This is Roxan’s latest addition to her collection:


Roxan’s Origami collection as of May 6th:



If you have an idea for an origami dress, tell us, better yet, make it and send us a picture, you could be our winner!

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Liz Fields Dresses Featured on NBC News Gossip Gram!

We are very excited that on April 14th  NBC News New York ran an affordable wedding gown segment: Bridal Dresses on a Budget, which featured two of our dresses!

Regrettably, the prices quoted on the show were slightly under our manufactures suggested retail prices and not supported by Liz Fields.  Please contact your local authorized Liz Fields retailer and you’ll discover that you can both love and afford your future wedding or bridesmaid dress.