5 Tips to Beat the Rainy Wedding Day Blues

Ladies, I know that when you are imagining your wedding day you are probably picturing a beautiful sunny day with birds chirping, I know I am.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature often has other plans.

I happened to be staying at a hotel near the shore a few weeks ago.  The hotel was booked solid with weddings.  Little girls in adorable pink dresses, and bridesmaids carrying bouquets were running all over the place.  The previous day had been the perfect day to get married, not too hot, not too cold.  Sunday however, was pouring.  I saw a bride on her way to her ceremony looking completely stressed out.  I have to assume the rain was at least partially contributing to her stress.  Honestly I almost ran into her while getting off the elevator because her photographer had chosen the lobby as the ideal spot to do their photo shoot, not the best plan.

If you do end up with some rain on your wedding day, don’t fret, with some extra planning and a different outlook on things no one can rain on your parade.

  1. If you are planning to have any of your wedding ceremony or celebration outside, pick a venue that has a good rainy day plan.  Make sure you like your venue and photo locations for your rain plan almost as much as your outdoor choices.
  2. Pack a second pair of shoes that match your bridal gown.  Ask your bridesmaids do the same.  This way if any of you step in the mud or a puddle you are not stuck with the evidence all day.
  3. If you know a few weeks before that the chances of rain are looking good, try to find some cute umbrellas that coordinate with your wedding dress.  This could make for a nice outdoor photo opportunity without leaving you soaking wet and cold.
  4. Rainy days actually make for some very interesting photographs.  Ask your photographer for their rain ideas beforehand.  Imagine for a moment your beautiful bridal gown reflected in a puddle next to you, while you are holding your cute umbrella (which you already had on standby) then, maybe throw in some bold colored rain boots for some extra drama! 
  5. Schedule an extra 10 minutes to your commute during your wedding day if rain is in the forecast.  We all know commuting to work in the rain takes longer; there is no need to worry that you are going to be late for your own wedding as well.


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Liz Fields Runway Show Recap from the CurvySocialite.com

Tamara Walker, freelance writer, publicist, and writer/creator of the blog The Curvy Socialite, attended our Liz Fields runway show at Nolcha Fashion week, last Monday.  Below is the article she wrote about the event.  Thank you, Tamara, for the beautiful recap of our runway show!

Liz Fields Bridal Gown Style#9102- Photo Courtesy of Seth London


FASHION WEEK RECAP: Liz Fields Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show

September 18, 2010 by nyprdiva

Besides Mercedes Benz/IMG, there are other groups that hosted Fashion Week in New York this season—including NOLCHA. Started by Kerry Bannigan, a Brit with a passion for fashion and business, NOLCHA is one of the “leading business platforms for independent fashion designers and retailers” by providing educational and event resources and thus “making business easy for the fashion minded.” In the short time that NOLCHA has been around, the company has done great things for brands that may not have had the opportunity to showcase themselves to the world. So each season, when the invitation for NOLCHA Fashion Week (which ran September 13th- 16th), I make it a point to attend some of their events. This season, I was introduced to the lovely bridal and evening wear collection of Liz Fields.

Named after the designer, Liz Fields is a luxury, special occasion (weddings, black-tie, red carpet, and more) brand that last year with launched with their Spring 2010 collection. The brand’s mission is to “create gowns that women fall in love with.”  With their Spring 2011 collection, they definitely achieved that goal.

The show had almost an ethereal feel to it with the models walking barefoot (odd at first, but when you continued watching the show, it fit perfectly) on a rose petal- covered runway. Featuring the traditional hues of Spring and Summer (teals, pinks, whites, creams and yellow), the collection featured pieces that were very much about the minute details (pearl beadings, gem appliqués, floral additions, etc) as well as the overall look. Liz took into account every aspect of the dress ensuring that the woman lucky enough to wear it would look absolutely gorgeous.

Liz Fields& Kerry Bannigan


Here are a few pieces that were on display before the show….

And one of the models post-show…..

Read the whole article at:  http://curvysocialite.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/fashion-week-recap-liz-fields-springsummer-2011-fashion-show/

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Tips to make your bridesmaid dresses wearable

There is an ugly rumor going around in the bridal industry that brides are picking “ugly” dresses for their bridesmaids to wear on purpose so that they will look better.  I certainly do not believe that is er necessary.  First, let’s look at the most obvious, if your bridesmaids look bad, all of your photos will look bad too!  Secondly, if you find a truly beautiful bridal gown, like say Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields style 9001, there is no danger in anybody shining brighter than you will no need to diminish anyone else in the process.

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Style #9001

On Project Runway last week they even had an episode where they challenge was to take an old “ugly” bridesmaid dress and turn it into something wearable and trendy.  Honestly, the first thing I noticed about many of the bridesmaid dresses was that they didn’t fit the ladies wearing them correctly.



Always leave room in your budget for quality alterations after you receive your dresses.  If you bridesmaids are the ones covering the cost of their gowns, ask them how much they are willing to spend so that they are not stuck with an over budget dress, and no money left to make it fit correctly.  Some salons will even include that as part of their service. 

The second problem with the bridesmaid dresses on Project Runway last week was that some of the colors were just awful on the girls!  I understand if you love hot pink more than life itself but if none of your bridesmaids looks good in hot pink, maybe you could use that color somewhere else in the decorations, or the bouquets, and then pick a less dominating color for the bridesmaid dresses.  At Liz Fields, we offer to send fabric swatches to our authorized retailers for you and your bridal party too use when picking a color.  These swatches can be very helpful in the planning process.

My final suggestion is to let you bridesmaids have some say in the style.  Experts agree that brides should go shopping for their bridesmaid dresses for the first time on their own.  Take a pad of paper with you and write down what elements you like, and would like to have featured in the dresses for your bridesmaids.  The next time you go shopping take your bridesmaids with you, and share with them what you are looking for.  If the most important thing to you is that, all of your bridesmaids are wearing cap sleeves, maybe you could compromise, and they could each wear a different style dress in the same color, as long as they all have cap sleeves.

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With Liz Fields, being a bridesmaid is no longer a curse…it’s a blessing!