Smart Wedding Tips For Your Big Day

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Planning a wedding can be very stressful for anybody. This is made even more stressful when you’re not a professional. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your own wedding. First and foremost, your guests come first. It may be difficult on your big day to think of all the little people attending your wedding; however wouldn’t it be nice if your big day was just as memorable for them as it was for you? Make sure you know exactly how many guest will be in attendance. You want to have enough space to hold everyone. Keep in mind that you want 25-30 square feet per guest. If your wedding is taking place at a public venue, you’ll want to be aware of any blackout dates. This ensures you have hotels and parking spaces available for you and all your guests. You also want to be aware of the day’s weather. Whether it’s hot as sin outside, or you’re expecting a torrential downpour, guests have been known to skip out on events if conditions are not favorable. You may also consider investing in pest control tanks or mesh tents to alleviate any bug swarms during your big day if your wedding is outdoors.

If you’re looking to say your vows during sunset, be aware of the time the sun actually sets. Certain websites can give you that information. In order to save money on your big day, you may consider cutting down your guest list. You don’t need a huge wedding party to have a good time so try limiting your list to immediate family and close friends. If you’re paying at least $100 per person, cutting a table of 10 could save you $1000. Making a meal plan is also a great way to keep tabs on the money you’re spending. You want to make sure that your vendors don’t require the same high-priced meals your guests are receiving. If that is the case, you may consider choosing cheaper catering options. Just be sure to let the catering company know a few days ahead of time. Staying organized is invaluable to your wedding plans. You’ll want to keep all of your correspondence together.  Collect all of your invoice receipts in one binder, and collect photos and tear sheets that you’d like your vendors to see. Set up an email specifically for the wedding prep, and keep vendors numbers handy in your cell phone, particularly if you bought a custom weeding dress.

Don’t forget to budget for your wedding. The reception should take up roughly 48-50 percent of your budget. 10 percent for flowers, 8-10 for attire, another 8-10 for entertainment, 10-12 for photo/video, 2-3 percent for gifts, and 8 percent for miscellaneous items. You’ll also want to keep some money aside for any surprises, such as extra invitations (for mess-ups), alterations, umbrellas (if it rains unexpectedly) or ribbons.