A Cultural Affair

For the next 2 weeks I will be traveling literally around the world for the weddings of people very close to my heart.

First Stop: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Tel-Aviv, Israel

So this will be my first Israeli wedding taking place in Israel.  Being in the wedding industry, everybody seems to assume that I know the proper traditions and appropriate dress for every cultural wedding.  Well…I don’t!  I had just as many questions as anybody else, most importantly, ‘what do I wear!?

Now, the wedding I am going to is not a Religious one, so I’ve been told it can be easily confused with a huge dance party.  The ceremony will be a traditional one in which the bride and groom perform their nuptials under a Chupah.  For this I was told I can dress slightly more formal, but even though I will be in the ceremony, I am not required to wear any special color, style or anything resembling a Bridesmaid dress.  Funny enough, I will be wearing one of my bridesmaid dress styles anyway! See below.

After the Ceremony is the Reception and after the Reception is the after-party and dress is casual.  Now, there is no way I can be completely casual and being a dress designer, I want to wear a dress.  I was warned that I should wear flats or anything which is comfortable for hours and hours of some of the most intense partying I will ever see.  So my plan is to wear the same style dress as the long one at the reception, but in short length and with flats!

Liz Fields Bridesmaid Style #236 and #237

Liz Fields Bridesmaid Style #236 and #237

Next Stop: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

This one is exciting….Sikh Indian Wedding!! I can’t even express to you how lucky I feel to be able to be part of an Indian wedding.  What a great culture!!  And I’ve learned through all my questions and preparation for this wedding, that Indian Wedding tradition must be the most celebratory, genuinely friend and family oriented,  and colorful of all weddings that I have prepared to attend.

Unfortunately, I will be missing the Mehndi portion of the pre-wedding celebrations; This is when all the women get together and paint the bride’s hands and feet and, traditionally, bangle bracelets or some sort of colorful adornments are given out.  A wonderful friend walked me through all the different events that  I will be attending and loaned me the most beautiful traditional Indian clothing and jewelry.  She is so wonderful and I thank her deeply for all the information and gorgeously beaded and embroidered Saree, skirts and tops!

So I am off….excited, nervous, and even more excited! I’ll be back in two weeks and I’ll be sure to post a blog right away with photos and information on how it went.

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