Couple Video Chats Future Selves At Wedding

Liz 2In a more strange and hilarious turn of events, a couple video chatted their future selves at their wedding reception, mere hours after they said “I Do.” The newlyweds, Ben and Katie Nissen, filmed an interactive video short of themselves 50 years in the future, and it went way better than expected.

Ben kicked off the speech by saying that they had some special guests that wanted to check in at the wedding reception, and then he added, “Folks, time travel is possible, and inside of this computer is a device that’s going to allow us to make face-to-face video contact with the future Ben and Katie.”

The “computer,” was simply a projector to display the video that the couple had previously recorded, but the interaction between the couple current and future selves was hilarious. When the video began, future Ben was giving himself a hard time, to which future Katie replied, “Be nice to him, he’s clearly nervous, you hate speaking in public,” and future Ben stated, “He’s not my son, he’s me, we can handle it.” They prepared some questions to ask themselves on their 50th anniversary, and the first one being if they were still married which in fact – they were.

Liz 4

The Future Ben & Katie

Things took a funny turn when they asked if they ended up having any children, and the older Katie replied, “Kids? Did you ask if we had kids?” and future Ben chimed in, “What’s your next question?”

When Katie asked the question, “Which person in the bridal party is the next to get married?” Future Ben mentioned that a war apparently breaks out between 2013 and 2063, in which half their bridal party fled the country and the other half died.

Hopefully, this becomes somewhat of a trend, because with the internet reaction thus far, I wouldn’t mind seeing at most, three more of these. Video wedding trends are beginning to pop up all over the internet as bridesmaids rap their speeches and couples video chat their future selves – oh, the 21st century, you’re turning out to be a funny and creative time – for most.

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