Fashion Origami Competition: Roxan’s Collection – Day 10

Our Liz Fields fashion origami contest is full swing over here.  There is still plenty of time for you to join in on the fun!

As a reminder here are the exciting contests going on: 

Our Contest:  At Liz Fields we are going to make one origami garment each day and post them here. Whoever has the best collection at the end of 60 days wins! Think of it as Project Runway meets Julie & Julia. 

Your Contest:  We would love you play along with us!  Send us your own fashion origami creations and at the end of 60 days one lucky contestant will win a Liz Fields original hairpiece featured in our Fall 2010 photo shoot!  This is a great unique accessory to wear on your wedding day

This is Roxan’s latest addition to her collection:


Roxan’s Origami collection as of May 6th:



If you have an idea for an origami dress, tell us, better yet, make it and send us a picture, you could be our winner!

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Origami Competition: Roxan’s Collection – Day 10

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