Indian Wedding in Bangkok

I am back from my trip around the world and besides some serious Jet Lag and a bit of Brochitis, I can’t stop thinking about my incredible experiences.  The highlight of the entire trip was this incredible Indian Wedding that we got to attend and be part of.

Liz Fields in Indian Dress attending a wedding in Bangkok

Liz Fields in Indian Dress attending a wedding in Bangkok

We arrived in time for the 3rd night of festivities, also called the Sangeet which is the celebration, or the equivalent of American receptions.  The difference is that Sangeet is actually before the nuptial ceremony.

I wore a traditional Indian dress and all the women were so beautifully dressed.  Although there aren’t distinguishable bridesmaid dresses, the culture takes such pride in the feminine figure and decorating it with gorgeous colors, fabrics, and embellishments.  Everybody wore their best and most celebratory formal attire and prepared for all-night partying and dancing.

As a designer, I was completely inspired and engulfed in all the festivities, dress, costumes, entertainment.  It is so nice to be part of such a rich culture and witness our generations continuing to pass down the traditions even in the age of internet and video games.

Bride being carried in on a type of "palki"

Bride being carried in on a type of "palki"

I posted some photos on so be sure to add me as a friend to see more from this wedding.  The highlight for me was watching the Bride in an intricately hand-beaded, one-of-a-kind traditional Indian wedding gown being carried in on a type of palki by four men! She looked like a Princess and her face was pure joy and happiness.

If you have any great stories about your wedding or a wedding you attended, you can email me at ( I read all the emails!)

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  2. Hi! I update the blog usually twice a week, sometimes more if there are great stories or events. This week our blog was down for a couple of days due to server problems, so I was not able to access it until today. You can subscribe by going to the blog home page and entering your email into the upper right-hand corner. Best Regards- Liz

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  11. Just want to say that Thailand is amazing to say the least, I loved every minute of it. I went using a few friends on a trips. It was perfect for us, and I can honestly say it would be perfect for the experienced travelers… or unexperienced.

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