Inspiration Series: STYLE #8231

Liz Fields Destination Wedding Dress Style #8231

“The Flower Child”

Cloey often feels that she was born in the wrong decade.  Unsurprisingly her nickname in school was always the Happy Hippy.  Cloey lives for the spring time when she can spend hours in her garden tending to her flowers, and then when she is done, photographing them.  During the colder months she can be found in her basement/art studio blowing glass to sell at craft fairs. This year Cloey has another reason to look forward to the warm weather…her wedding is coming up!  This June, Cloey will be marrying her fellow glassblower, in a beautiful gazebo overlooking a lavender field. Cloey is looking for a dress which speaks to her calm nature loving personality, while still being cool and stylish; Liz Fields original, style 8231 did just that! Cloey’s dress is long and strapless, and she loves how the chiffon flows to her feet.  Her favorite detail in the dress is of course the bands on the bodice which have sunburst beading on them (how perfect)!  Cloey is thinking that she might just add some flowers in her hair from her own garden for the finishing touch on her perfect summer wedding day.

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