Inspiration Series: Style #9003

Style 9003

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Wedding Dress style #9003

“The Canine Crusader”

Kristen considers herself to be one of the luckier people in the world because she gets loving kisses all day long!  Not by her soon to be husband, mind you, but by the other loves of her life…her dogs!  Kristen spends her day working as an adoption consultant for dogs at her local shelter. Knowing that one of her canine friends is being sent home with the perfect family is Kristen’s favorite feeling in the world. When Kristen goes home for the day she is again bombarded with wet kisses, still not from her fiancé, but by her own three dogs.  Only after her puppies have welcomed her home does her guy get his turn to say hello.  No worries though, he knows she is worth the wait.  Although Kristin loves spending her days covered in fur and doggie kisses, she is looking forward to feeling special, and even dare we say, sexy, on her wedding day.  Kristen is thrilled to be walking down the aisle in this luxurious platinum satin Liz Fields original dress, style 9003, with a mermaid silhouette and gorgeous beading and embroidery details.  When Kristen’s fiancé sees her in this dress he will know for sure that he is actually the lucky one.

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