Inspiration Series: STYLE #9015

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Style #9015

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Style #9015

“The Fashionable Femme”

There is only one thing that Kate loves more than fashion and that is her new fiancé (It was a close race for a while).  Kate’s bedroom walls are covered in magazine images of celebrities on the Red Carpet.  In her spare time Kate loves sewing, sketching, and spending time with her guy.  Kate knows what is hot in fashion, so it was no surprise that she choose to wear a Liz Fields original, style 9015. Kate wanted to look stunning and stylish for her own Red Carpet walk, which is why she fell in love with this Taffeta gown with asymmetrical wraps around the body, creating beautiful and interesting panels and lines. Kate knows that for an outfit to be perfect certain parts must be beautifully understated in order for the details to shine. This is why she loves the fact that the intermittent wrapping of her dress slowly leads her eye to her favorite part, the beautiful hand beading detail on the bodice.  Kate can now walk down the Red Carpet, or the aisle on her wedding day, with her head held high.

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