It’s Not Just A Bridesmaid’s Dress – The Secret Use

Candid Prom

One of the most stressful moments in high school is finding that perfect dress for prom. Of course, you will always see dresses that you like, but there is always the chance that another girl might be wearing the same one. As horrible as that sounds, it is part of the risk when shopping for prom dresses in prom sections of commercial stores. However, there is a trick of the trade and if your parents are flexible, I can tell you how to find the perfect prom dress that no one else will have.

The trick to finding the perfect prom dress is shopping for it at a bridal store. Take into consideration how many weddings there are each year, now I’m not the best at math, but that’s a lot of different designs for these designers to put out seasonally. However, just going to the Nordstrom’s bridal section will not do the trick if you are worried about having the same look as another girl. You need to go to a bridal store.

There are always affordable bridesmaid’s dresses, but historically, a prom dress can cost just as much as a bridesmaids dress. The best part about shopping for a prom dress in a bridal store is that you can have a little fun with the experience and pretend you’re actually going to be in a wedding. The sales women don’t know your life, and for all they know, you are shopping for your invisible sister’s wedding and you need a light gown which you’d like to be within the purple family.

If you have anxiety about shopping in a bridal store there are other stores that have specific policies where they do not sell multiple dresses to girls going to the same prom. However, when your prom rolls around, take a look into doing something more authentic, and even better, you’ll feel like a princess.

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