Liz Fields’ Winter Wedding Ideas

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A lot of people chose not to get married in the winter due to weather conditions. However, a winter wedding can be beautiful and magical if executed properly. You have plenty of opportunity to take advantage of soft winter colors and décor. A winter wedding gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful color palette that the season offers. White dresses and diamonds were practically made to shown off the in winter. It’s truly a perfect match.


Private clubs, lodges, an inn with a fireplace, or a mansion that boasts a wooden interior are all great ideas for a place to host your winter wedding. Whether you want a large venue, or something cozy, try to stick with a rustic feel. Candles and fire elements can be used throughout the space, and try to avoid spaces that have large windows. Winter weather is not always ideal for viewing unless you are guaranteed that it will snow on that day. In that case, a large window might be a great idea.


Red and green flowers can complement the season well, but if you want to go for a classic look try sticking with white and silver elements. Speak with a florist in order to determine which flowers are seasonal for your area and what colors are available.


Winter weddings offer a great opportunity to get creative when it comes to wedding favors. Hot cocoa, customized snow globes and Christmas tree ornaments all make for cute wedding favors. You can also make a cookie with the recipe attached and hand them out as favors.


Candles, poinsettias and small white lights can all add a winter feel to your event. If you stumble upon any after Christmas sales, you can stock up on small white lights which can be used decoratively throughout the space in order to create a subtle, wintery ambiance.


The attire for a winter wedding doesn’t have to stray from a typical wedding day dress and tuxedo; however you may want to take extra time to find an elegant shawl, jacket or wrap. You and your groom will probably want to take pictures outdoors, so make sure you both have an elegant way of keeping warm. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids-they will want to keep warm as well, and chances are you’ll want to photograph them outdoors as well. You can even find custom bridesmaid dresses to ensure that your wedding party stays warm.

Finding the perfect wedding attire does not have to be a stressful chore. Liz Fields has retailers all over the country and we are confident that you will find what you are looking for. Please feel free to visit our website to look through our designs and start getting ideas for your big day.

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