How to: Rustic Wedding

An obvious choice of venue for a rustic themed wedding reception is a barn!  Don’t live in a rural area?  Don’t worry there are barns all over the country in all different sizes.  There are ways of decoration to make it formal if that’s what you are going for or to keep it casual.  This type of venue is a perfect way to be unique and create an intimate ceremony.

Use long picnic tables for your guests!  If you’re going casual this is an easy way to have your guests choose their own seats.

Instead of using traditional glass vases as a centerpiece, use carved out pumpkins with flowers!  This is a unique way to add another color to your palette and is the perfect addition if you are having your rustic wedding during the autumn!

Have your guests names attached to an apple and place at their seat.  This is more creative than regular place cards and is another way to tie in your theme!

For the bouquets, add small pine cones and accents of burlap to tie in the textures of the barn.  This still remains romantic and is different from the usual flower bouquets.

To go more country, have your bridesmaids wear cowboy boots with their  bridesmaid dresses!

Barns tend to be very dark so a lot of lighting is essential in creating a good environment.  To create an intimate setting use string lighting across the ceiling as well as lanterns on each table.  If you are having a more formal reception, have a few chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to add elegance.

Liz Fields: Style 9206

This A-line bridal gown with lace bodice is the perfect style for a rustic wedding.  The flower appliqués and sweetheart square neckline adds a romantic touch and elegance that is still appropriate for a rustic wedding!