Buzz From the Chicago Bridal Market

I just got back from the Chicago Bridal Market, and it was a huge success! People seem to be very excited about our new looks for the fall.

We’re getting some great comments from around the web! Check out what people are saying about our new gowns!

Growing Kookey Together raves:  “ I simply loved everything by Liz Fields. Her style is very fun yet sophisticated and she’s really thinking about functionality as well. Mrs. Powderpuff posted about a bridal gown by Liz Fields that went from long to short…but never fear, bridesmaids, there’s one for you as well!”

Crafts and Cardigans writes about our newest convertible gown: “Liz Fields had some really awesome dresses as well. This one converts from a long, beautiful dress to a short lacy number by simply removing the skirt. Business on top. Party underneath













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