DIY: Personalized Wedding Hanger – For Under $10!

Having a personalized hanger to hold your wedding dress is becoming a new trend that makes a great gift for a bride to be!  However, if you want to have a unique hanger this can get pricey and is an unnecessary added expense. Here is an inexpensive and quick way of creating your own personalized hanger:


-14 gauge galvanized wire (available at any home improvement store)

-Wire cutters

-Needle nose pliers (you can find a 2-in-1 tool that cuts & bends wire)

-Wooden hangers

-Drill with drill bit about the size of your wire

-Glue gun or strong gorilla glue

-Pen and paper

Step 1: Pre-plan your font

We suggest writing or printing out exactly how you want your font on a piece of paper before you start to bend your wire, this will make it easier to see how your finished product will look!

STEP 2: Measure & Bend your wire

Start to measure out how much wire you will need for your hanger, allow approximately 10 to 12 inches of wire per letter plus a little more so you can attach it to your hanger.

Tip: Cut a few extra practice pieces of wire, it will take a couple tries to get your bending just right but be patient!

Step 3: Drill!

Drill two holes in the bottom inside of the hanger but don’t go all the way through, you may want to just go in a 1/2-inch or so.

Step 4: Attaching the wire

On both sides of the wire put a small amount of glue, be careful not to put too much since the wire will not fit nicely into the hanger and you will see the excess glue.

Step 5: Accessorize (optional)

You can decorate your hanger by tying a bow around the hook or gluing on rhinestones to the wood. This is your chance to make it even more personalized and creative!


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Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

There is nothing worse than being the bridesmaid who puts on an act of loving to wear that dreadful, tacky bridesmaids dress that the bride swore would be the most flattering dress because it obviously would look good on every body type.

Here are some tips for the bride to make sure their bridesmaids are the perfect complement on their big day:

Consider your environment

Much like your wedding dress, you want to make sure the bridesmaids’ dresses are cohesive with your theme and venue. When going for an outdoor wedding, choose something casual that still looks put together without taking away from the scenery.

Let the spotlight be on you

Don’t be afraid to act like a little bit of a diva! Today is your day and even though you want your wedding party to feel comfortable, stay away from dresses with a lot of embellishments or details.

Cover up!

Any cleavage should be put away and left to the imagination.  Every bridesmaid will have a different body type, it is important to consider these factors especially when choosing a strapless or low V-neck line. This is up to each individual bride, but major tattoos or piercings can go along with taking away from the bride’s attention. If the dress does not cover any tattoos that you wish to not be shown in your photos there are always options such as airbrush makeup, which is a temporary concealer that can be removed with soap and water.

Try Letting Your Bridesmaids Wear Different Style Dresses

This has become more of a trend lately where the bride allows the bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses that can either be different styles, lengths, or colors. This would be most appropriate for a more casual wedding or if you’re on a budget!

Still not comfortable going that casual? Stick to the same color scheme but with different necklines and lengths.


Carolyn’s Latest Designs

My 8-year-old friend Carolyn has inspired me again! If you’re reading this for the first time, Carolyn is an amazingly talented aspiring designer.  Whether she decides to design bridal gowns, evening gowns, ready-to-wear, or resort, you should definitely keep an eye out for this aspiring designer

Check out this great design she sent me!

First of all, I would love to own that skirt!

Secondly, as it turns out she is not only talented but pretty trendy too!

Basso & Brooke did a stunning spring 2009 collection that look as if they were folded from giant printed origami paper.


 I love the vibrant colors!


Thanks for the inspiration Carolyn!!

If you love these bright colors too, stay tuned for our Fall 2010 line coming to a retailer near you soon!

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Liz Fields Gives Wedding Fashion Tips in Western Mass Women Magazine

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Western Mass Women Magazine for including us in the “Fashionista” segment of their latest issue! If you have the chance to pick up a copy, you won’t be disappointed. Check them out at for a lot of interesting and informative articles!

Below is the article that appeared in Western Mass Women Magazine, I hope you enjoy it!

Bridal Designer Tips for your Search!

Planning a wedding can seem like a daunting task, from finding the dress of your dreams, to choosing a color scheme, then finding bridesmaid gowns your friends can agree on, and all within a budget! The good news is that it can be fun and, with a few tips, it can be pretty stress-free too!

This season there is no shortage of exciting fashion trends to choose from when searching for your perfect gown.

As Head Designer of Liz Fields, specializing in bridal, bridesmaid and special occasion gowns, I would like to make your life just a little easier by giving you a quick overview of what I have noticed to be the top styles, fabrics and colors this season.

Traditional ballroom gowns are always popular, but this year they appear to be in full force. Ballroom gowns tend to make you feel like a princess and create that perfect hourglass shape, while disguising areas you might be self-conscious about! If you want the feel of a ballroom gown but would like some added zest to it, be sure to try a dress with asymmetric draping. Floral embellishmentsare also a great way to update the princess cut dress. Florals of all shapes and sizes are in this season so you could pick a dress with a more delicate flower, or one with eye catching rosettes.

If the ballroom silhouette doesn’t suite your fancy, opt for modern silhouettes that are getting a lot of attention this season; the sheath and the fit &flare. If you love your figure and have some curves, these are great styles to show it off in!

On the cutting edge of fashion is the asymmetrical one-shoulder gown. These styles happen to be some of my favorites this season and are an update on the traditional strapless gown. Elegant and romantic, the one-shoulder gown will beautifully accentuate your neck and shoulders. Planning a destination wedding? Definitely think about the one-shoulder option!

Color is becoming a more popular accessory on bridal gowns with small splashes and details in colors. An easy way to add color to any white dress is to add a sash or a flower in a color. Colors like champagne and gold are common, but think about adding a hint of your bridal party color into the mix for a different approach.

Brides this season seem to be looking for comfort, elegance, and value. When you have to wear a gown for hours of photography, ceremony and reception you want to make sure that you are comfortable to dance and enjoy the night away. Also, with the economy at a lull, most women are on a budget and do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding gown and hundreds on bridesmaids gowns.

Look for light and airy fabrics such as taffeta, organza and chiffon which are overtaking the heavier fabrics of previous seasons. These fabrics look beautiful layered and tend to be easier to wear. Also, you can find collections which are available at moderate prices and provide the consumer with great value, but be sure to always purchase your bridal gown from an authorized retailer.

Be sure to start looking for your gown early so that you can get a great deal and avoid stressful situations. While you can usually find some options available in a rush, most Designers will need about 3 months to make your gown and then the boutique will need another 2 months to properly fit you several times to ensure the perfect dress for your big day! With bridesmaid dresses, Designers ask for about two months and usually a dress will only need to be fit and altered once for each member of the bridal party.

Wedding experts agree that when searching for your perfect dress be open-minded and willing to try on dresses that might not be the style you had imagined. Often, you may be surprised and a gown you envisioned does not flatter your body the way something you did not even consider may! Above all remember to have fun planning for you big day, because in the end the only thing that matters is your happiness.

Prints, Florals, Lace and Vintage by Ariel Hahn

Guest Blog written by Ariel Hahn- Liz Fields Intern

On Tuesday I had the fabulous opportunity to go to two textile/surface design market shows: Direction by Indigo joined by Première Vision Preview New York and PrintSource.  Walking in to one of these shows can be overwhelming to the eye at first; there is color and pattern everywhere! The rooms are filled with design collections from around the world. We spent time wandering and feasting our eyes on everything from exquisite lace, and vintage textiles, to whimsical patterns, and delicate florals.

An interesting thing that the Premiervision exhibit did was to break the exhibitors down by 4 groups of “style universe.”  So for example “Seduction” encompassed embroidery, lace and other luxurious fabrics. “Relax” had fabrics such as denim, cotton, and so on.  We found that “Seduction” in particular had some beautiful fabrics for us to keep in mind here at Liz Fields.

From looking around, a lot of people seem to be predicting that a major trend in surface design is going to be tribal inspiration.  I certainly hope that is true because I really enjoy the way designers are reinventing them.  The brighter colors that appeared here and the use of scale gave these designs a playful vibe.  With bold Ikat prints, high contrast geometric repeats, and animal skin inspired prints, the energy coming from these fabrics could not be ignored.


Another trend I noticed was a lot of florals. This, in general would be no surprise. However, the way the studios chose to stylize their florals is what was interesting.  While there was an appearance of subtle delicate floral designs, there seemed to be a bigger turn towards the brushed and watercolor inspired effects in the florals, a theme I found myself particularly attracted too.

(Photos via

This same watercolor sensibility appeared in many fabrics other fabrics as beautifully  purely abstracted fields of color texture pattern as well.  Along those lines, another favorite abstract trend I noticed were fabrics that appeared to have been marbleized in both jewel and subdued tones.

Overall if was a truly inspiring day! Bring on the sketching!