With Love: Guest Blog

by guest blogger, Bella Gente Bridal, in Tampa FL

We asked our friends and Liz Fields authorized retailer, Bella Gente Bridal, what they would want to tell their brides if they could tell them anything, this was their response.


Eight years ago, is when I can pinpoint where my madness as a lover of anything and everything non-profit started. A recent trip to the beautiful West Coast allowed me to become the sponsor of a little Guatemalan girl, my heart swells with every glace at her picture. Trust me when I say that if I had it my way, it would have been a one-way ticket that was initially purchased, and I would currently be protesting deforestation in South America with Green Peace and saving the orangutans! I’ve always been one of those girls who thought all drinking glasses in the world to be half full, and throw the gender classification out the window darling, ‘cause rose colored glasses would be the perfect finish to every outfit! I admit that I am somewhat naïve, and maybe there will always be people out there who don’t want what’s best for you, but I just smile and ignore them now. I entered college as a fresh faced youngster, delicate to the new world around me. I put my heart and faith into every class project, every student organization, and every open door life decided to throw my way. What I was not prepared for, was the overwhelming sting I felt after realizing those others with the same textbooks as me, the same collegiate sweatshirt as me, did not share my cheerful views. I lost a couple “friends”, even a boyfriend to my eternal optimist bent. They didn’t want to deal with me- found it exhausting to be around someone who couldn’t be realistic, normal.

For a while, I found me questioning myself. I know you brides will undoubtedly do the same throughout your wedding planning. Well, please let me save you the year I lost to questioning myself and hoping to fit into a category acceptable of others… the answer is simple, don’t do it! Now, more than ever, this is the time to know yourself- to be confident in who you are.  What you’re really looking for, is a style aesthetic reflective of that amazing person. Look through a couple old photo albums and you’ll find the answer. One of my favorite Beatles’ songs, All You Need is Love, says it all- because on your most important day, love is all that matters. From the heart-stopping love found in those beautiful green eyes standing next to you at the altar, to the unconditional love pouring out from your parents in the front row, love is ubiquitous on this day. I didn’t know a year ago that life would lead me to this bridal consultant position, but as I reflect back on the brides that this job has brought into my life, I cannot deny the feeling of love I’ve found from these amazing girls. Besides, I get to help them live out their childhood dreams about a certain white gown every day, and they don’t look at me crazy when my enthusiasm hits its peak- they scream for joy over the layers of lace and chiffon with me!

Speaking of happy people, I recently stumbled upon what may be the most innovative and heartfelt non-profit project I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering, The World Needs More Love Letters. Hannah Brencher decided to leave love letters to strangers who looked like they could use a boost on her daily train in NYC, and has since brought over 2,000 love letters throughout the globe. Truly inspirational, it has inspired one of my own. Only the third I’ve ever written (I don’t count those intricately folded and overly colored with markers from the 6th grade)…This is my love letter to all of my brides- former, current, and those I have yet to meet or may never will.

Dear Bride,

You with the superiorly organized wedding notebook divided into sections for color palates, floral arrangements, and wedding cost estimations; yes, you hurling into the elevator with three bridal magazines in hand as you make your way to the next venue location… you are a woman of innate strength and beauty, whether you realize it or not. In this hectic, modern world we live in, you still manage to find time out of your day to coordinate seating arrangements and seamlessly arrange caterer tastings over the phone while answering work emails. Trust me when I say that you girls never cease to amaze me with how much you have it together. Perhaps what is even more important is the trust that you have given me, a stranger you’ve only met a few minutes ago to find the wedding dress of your dreams.  Thank you for your faith in me.  What starts as a bond over wedding day attire, almost always blossoms into a real friendship.  The same kind of love you would see from your bridesmaids standing alongside you in your wedding portraits, it is a friendly love that wishes you nothing but the best and the brightest future possible after the wedding.

I usually ask my brides during the initial consultation for the background on their fiancés, and I cannot express to you how it touches me when I can feel the palpable love between two people that I barely know. One of whom, I’ve never even met! Perhaps it is a way to fill that currently empty position in my own heart, but nevertheless, you add to your bridal consultant’s happiness and you probably didn’t even know it. No matter how many tasks you need help with or how many people you may have to ask for their opinions, never lose who you are. Your wedding is a celebration of you and your fiancé’s love for each other. Don’t let the potential fights over budgets, guest lists, and the need for perfection take away from that. Celebrate life and celebrate your loving relationship every day. Even if the wedding photographer you’ve been eyeing for months ends up unavailable, and it is impossible to afford that gorgeous Marchesa gown that just walked the runway, it is not the end of the world. There are dozens, if not hundreds of people cheering for you to make it to nuptials day- people who you may not know would even care, but we do. We all want you to have the wedding of your dreams, and we are not expecting you to end up on the pages of Platinum Weddings. You are in the pages of the hearts of your beloved family and friends, in the hearts of the bridal boutiques who are proudly showing off your p

ictures to new brides, and in the heart of the very designer of your own wedding dress.  Yes, details are important, but remember what led you here in the first place.  Don’t feel pressured to compete with anyone else, you are individually beautiful and your gown (and wedding) will naturally reflect that. Keep your head up, and I promise you will definitely get through it!

No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, don’t forget all that you have accomplished. Just like lace, you may be extremely vulnerable and even the smallest tear will cause major setbacks to the overall design, but the beauty lies in the fragility of it. Intricate beading and treads weave throughout the fabric, holding it together- just like the many people you have supporting you in your corner. You will be absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day, period. I’ve been blessed to meet my vegetarian soul mate, my bubbly style sister, my hot yoga companion, and a brilliant Ph.D student to name a few- all of whom inspire me so much every time they walk through the doors. They’ve shown me that love can be cultivated from the least expected places, and that it is more than okay to don my bright pink shades daily. I am grateful that I get to share in a part of your special days. I love you all- maybe it is the flower child in me, but I highly doubt it.

With Much Love,


Bridal Consultant


Thank you to “A” and Bella Gente Bridal for sharing your expertise on the Liz Fields blog.  We loved having you!  For more bridal gown inspiration and tips be sure to check out Bella Gente’s blog here!


Following Irish Traditions for a St. Patrick’s Day Wedding

When it comes to picking a wedding date, looking to holidays is natural. If you’re of Irish descent, the temptation of a St Patrick’s Day wedding might prove too tempting to resist.

St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent choice for a wedding date. Not only is it a happy holiday, but it’s also considered a lucky one. In Ireland, it’s the luckiest day of the year for you to get married. Everyone, even the happiest of couples, can use a little luck as they embark on a new life together.

Liz Fields Bridesmaid Style 360 - Also available as Destination wedding dress style 8360

If you’re interested in a traditional St. Patrick’s Day wedding, you might want to rethink your dream wedding. Brides who chose to wed on St. Patty’s Day aren’t supposed to wear a  white wedding dress. Blue is the preferred color, preferably a pale blue that looks a little bit like the sky. It’s an innocent color that looks flattering against most skin types. The idea of wearing a white  wedding dress is a relatively new concept originally introduced by Queen Victoria (who chose white because it was economical). Prior to her wedding, the Irish felt blue was the color of purity.

While wearing your hair down and loose about your shoulders might be tempting, you should resist. Irish brides prefer braids. The braid is considered the symbol of feminine power. In addition to the braid, you should also think about adding some wildflowers to your hair, instead of donning a veil. The flowers will give you a youthful appearance, and also allow people to see your face.

One of the Irish traditions that’s making a comeback, particularly in St. Patrick’s Day weddings is hand fasting. Hand fasting was one of the pagan ceremonies that managed to wind its way into Christian services. It fell out of fashion for a while, but more and more brides have started to include it in their ceremony.




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International Women’s Day

For most of history, Anonymous was a woman. – Virginia Woolf


Happy International Women’s Day ladies of the world!

This is a day about celebrating, respecting, and appreciating women for their economic, political and social achievements.  So be proud of yourselves and your fellow women!

Liz Fields to appear at ‘The Bridal Show’ in Des Moines with Selina’s Bridal Boutique

I am very excited to announce that this weekend I will be visiting one of our authorized retailers Selina’s Bridal Boutique, in Des Moines Iowa, where we will not only be having a trunk show, but also showing our Liz Fields Spring 2012 collection at the The Bridal Show on Sunday!

Liz Fields Trunk show at Selina’s Bridal Boutique:  

WHEN:  NOW through the 23rd!  Call today to make your appointment 515-274-1120

WHERE: 3708 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50312

The Bridal Show:

WHEN: Sunday, October 23, 2011  from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

WHERE: Des Moines Botanical Center

There will be many more of vendors attending with expertise in catering, fashion, floral and more.  Of course, there will also be a FASHION SHOW featuring Liz Fields 2012 wedding dresses & bridesmaid dresses, and our NEW prom dress collection!

If that is not enough to get you excited as I am, there will be door prizes and goody bags too!  I hope to see many of you there!

To purchase tickets to this The Bridal Show follow the link HERE


Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful… but Liz Fields Trunk shows are so delightful

The holidays may be over, but the cold weather is not even close to being gone.  If you are like me, you may be wondering why it is that humans don’t hibernate through the cold winter days.  Well just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean your fun has to be, it’s never too early, or too cold, to start searching for the wedding dress of your dreams! 

Liz Fields has a record number of trunk shows scheduled over the next three months that we are all very excited about over here!  It would almost be hard NOT to live close enough to attend one of these exclusive Liz Fields events.  Don’t miss your chance to view our Spring 2011 Bridal and Bridesmaid lines.  















Always remember if you don’t see your town listed, you can also request a Liz Fields trunk show   



Dress Guide for the Holidays: Style Tips from Wedding Dress Designer, Liz Fields

I know that deciding what to wear during the holidays can be daunting.  Here is a little style guide that I have put together for the holiday season.  I hope that you find it helpful, but, most of all, don’t forget to have fun!  You will look great no matter what you are wearing!


The Occasion- The holiday dinner where you meet HIS parents for the first time

Liz Fields Bridesmaid & Social Dress Style #350

The explanation – It is important not to seem overly sexy but still show off your beautiful self.  This strapless social occasion dress is perfect for the stressful, make-it-or-break-it event.  The square-neckline is flattering without showing off too much skin.  The added wrap-around bow detail could even give the subliminal message that you are the perfect gift for their son!

The Occasion- Evening get-together with your family (be it Christmas Eve,  Hanukkah, Kwanza, or a reunion)

Liz Fields Bridesmaid & Social Dress Style #365

The explanation – Having a family dinner can feel like navigating a minefield, depending on your personal family dynamic.  You want to look your best to keep any ‘loving criticisms’ to a minimum.  At the same time, you may not want to dress too obviously sexy because like the “meeting his parents challenge,” it might not go over the way you intended.  In this case, social occasion dress , style 365 will fit the bill. The v-neck will look stunning on you, while the pencil skirt will remind your family that you are the good daughter!

The Occasion –  Girls night out

 Liz Fields Bridesmaid & Social Dress Style #255

The explanation – It’s time to have some fun with the girls, and maybe even exchange some of those presents.  Now that you don’t have to worry about what you need to keep covered up,  feel free to let loose with this special occasion dress.  The wrapped details in the bodice are figure flattering, so all of your friends will be jealous of how great you look (even if you don’t want to admit you were trying)! 

The Occasion – New Year’s Eve

Liz Fields Bridesmaid & Social Dress Style #370

The explanation – Whether you are spending the night alone with your special someone or going to a big party, this a time to make sure you look and feel your best. The Chinese see red as the color of happiness and wealth so why not add a little red detail as a good luck charm for the new year to come (it will look sexy too).  This V-neck, halter-top social occasion dress will do just that.

Now, don’t forget that after the Holidays wind down, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  This day is especially important if you learn that the man in your life is planning on proposing.  With that in mind, you might want to start giving some thought to what you’ll be wearing on that special night!  Personally, I would go with something cute, short, flirty, and of course red.  Perhaps something like this  red  formal dress, Style #362.  

Liz Fields Bridesmaid & Social Dress Style #362

Of course, after he proposes, you know exactly where to head to pick out the perfect wedding gown!

Happy Holidays!

Liz Fields

Liz Fields exhibits Wedding Dresses at Bride Chic: Bergen County Brides Event

Hello friends, I hope the beginning of the holiday season is going well for everyone!

I spent my Thursday night getting to know some really special people that I wanted to tell you about.

I was invited to show our wedding dresses at the Bride Chic: Bergen County Brides Cocktail Party, which was to benefit Wish Upon A Wedding - New Jersey.  This was an exclusive, one vendor per category event, so of course I was very happy to have been asked to attend.

The Bride Chic event, presented by the Women’s Club of Ridgewood New Jersey, was held in a beautiful, historic Colonial building.  I heard a few brides enquiring about the space for themselves.

Not only was this a great opportunity to showcase our Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields wedding dress collections, but it was great fun as well!  How could it not be with delicious food, wine tasting, and of course prizes!  Oh and did I mention that  the event was emceed by Lisa Page, DJ of 92.3 and that Megin DeCarlo, of ‘My Big Friggin Wedding’ spent the night giving tips to brides-to-be!?

My new friend Nestor Cristancho, photographed this posh event, and was kind enough to share some images of our bridal gowns  for you to enjoy!

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields wedding dress style #9053

 Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields wedding dress style #9003


Photography Courtesy of

Nestor Cristancho

What should Kate Middleton wear at her wedding to Prince William?

Unless you have been living under a rock this morning, you have already heard that Kate Middleton and Prince William are engaged! I wish them all the happiness in the world and look forward to hearing more about their wedding plans in the months to come.  Of course, what I am most interested to hear about is what will she wear!?  

So Kate, on the chance that you come across this blog, I wanted to share my top 4 picks for the Liz Fields wedding dresses that I think would look the most amazing on you (because a girl’s gotta have choices).

1. The modern one-shoulder trend is at its peak right now; and with its silky organza draped bodice, beaded appliqué, and ruffle tulle embroidered skirt it would be hard not to feel like royalty in this gown, even if your name isn’t Kate Middleton.  


Liz Fields Bridal Gown Style 9100

2. Kate appears to be all about elegant sophistication, and an ease of style, luckily that’s exactly what Liz Fields bridal gowns are about as well!  In this dress, Kate can show off her figure with the fit and flare silhouette, and wow the on-looking crowds with the original 3-D accenting chiffon flower details. 

Liz Fields Bridal Gown Style 9105

3. Of course as the future Princess of England, you can’t go wrong with the classic ballgown silhouette!   This ballgown screams “Princess” with features such as a sweetheart neckline, a beaded corset bodice with hand-tufted skirt over a layer of embroidered lace, silky organza flowers, and rosettes throughout the gown.  


Liz Fields Bridal Gown Style 9108

4.  My final pick is more on the trendy side than the other three, but I have faith that Kate could pull it off without a hitch!  This bridal gown features a Square neckline, and pleated bodice with a show-stopping 3-D abstract floral embroidered skirt.  The Colored sash at waist enhances the silhouette and adds that extra pop of color.  With this bridal gown, Kate could either stick with the trendy black or choose a more traditional all white gown.   

Liz Fields Bridal Gown Style 9112

So those are my top choices, but I would love to know what yours are!  Visit www.lizfields.com and pick your favorite wedding dress for Kate to wear and leave a comment, there is nothing more fun than playing dress-up with a princess!

Thank You to Our Friends at The Wedding Chapel!

Last month was my second visit to our good friends, The Wedding Chapel, in Crystal MN, where we recently had a Liz Fields trunk show!

I always have such an amazing time when I am there, as everyone is just so warm and welcoming!

Well, last week I received such a sweet card from them in the mail I simply had to share it with all of you!


Thank you so much everyone, I love it!

If you would like to see pictures from this trip, drop by the Liz Fields Facebook page!

Liz Fields Featured on Weddingdresses.com: A Fashionista Should Not Compromise Style For Money

Read the original post at Weddingdresses.com

Liz Fields was born and raised in the Fashion district of New York. Her collection manages to offer stylish and hip wedding dresses starting at $650. Bridesmaids are also affordable at $150-$200. You don’t need to look like everybody else if you really can’t afford a Couture price-point. You can have it all with Liz Fields!

Detachable soft ballgown skirt

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal gown Style #9101

Lo-Ve-La by Liz Fields Bridal gown Style #9110

Liz Fields Bridesmaid Dress Style #352

Liz Fields Bridesmaid Dress Style #372

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