Prom Inspiration: Channel Your Inner Hermione

For as long as anyone can remember people have been turning to movies, television shows, and books for inspiration. This seems to be especially true when it comes to things like weddings and proms. Wedding days and prom nights are special, and every woman wants to look her best.

Everyone under the age of 35 has felt the influence of Harry Potter. The character of Hermione Granger proved that girls don’t have to be shy and sweet to be liked. Hermione proved that she could hold her own, be extremely smart, and also enjoy being a girl. When it comes to picking a role model, you’ll find worse choices (*cough* Bella Swan *cough*).

If you ask most girls what their favorite Harry Potter moment was, they’ll almost always tell you that it was the dance that took place about halfway through Goblet of Fire. The dance was the first time that Hermione stopped becoming a tom-boy and showed Hogwarts that she was a beautiful woman. This is just the kind of reaction every girl dreams of getting when she is searching for her prom dress.

Hermione's Elegant Dress


Any girl who wants to channel her inner Hermione on her prom night will want to take care when looking for a dress. She’ll want to stay away from fussy, frilly dresses that make dancing difficult. You’ll want to look for something that’s pretty and elegant.

Chiffon is a great choice when it comes to a prom dress. Chiffon is light enough that it makes moving around easy, but also pretty and very feminine. Chiffon shows off your figure without being clinging or two tight.  Stick to a single color of material which will not only allow you to show off your body, but will keep the dress from becoming too busy, just make sure that the color flatters your skin tone.

Get The Look: Liz Fields Style 361

When you’re looking at prom dresses you should also think about how much dancing you expect to be doing that night.  Strapless dresses can be beautiful, but the worry of it slipping while you’re dancing might not be worth it to you.

A final tip for emulating Hermionie’s elegance is once you’ve selected the perfect prom dress, don’t wear so much jewelry that it distracts from the dress and your natural beauty.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!!

Grammy Awards 2010

Of course, any Red Carpet event is not only entertaining to watch, but a designer’s best-friend when it comes to research.  In our culture and society today, so much is celebrity and media driven that many fashion trends can be forecast from the Red Carpet.  Besides, who can resist seeing all the Lady Gaga’s and Brittany Spears out there make the “Worst Dressed” or “What were they thinking?” lists!?

This year’s Red Carpets have scared me a little bit.  I have never been a main-stream trend following person and have always appreciated old Hollywood starlets, sophisticated and glamorous fashion, film and theater costume designs and the artistry behind the construction and fit of a garment.  The best part of seeing something original is having the sensation that you want to figure out how it could possible be made and how it could be made so beautifully!  Aside from complicated construction and dramatic costumes, for which there is a time and a place, I also feel that any real woman should always look elegant and not fussy.  For me, the biggest turn-off is knowing that a woman spent hours upon hours getting ready; even if it does, it shouldn’t look that way!

So on to Grammy Red Carpet fashions….

Lady Gaga Grammy Awards 2010

Lady Gaga Grammy Awards 2010

Lady Gaga- Yeah, I get it…that’s her image and she’s an entertainer. Fine.  However, I feel that her outfit was appropriate for a stage or as a sculpture in a museum.  It is a great artistic piece, but it is in no way possible for a real woman to translate that into her wardrobe and frankly, it’s gaudy and dangerous. If I can see your underwear and you are carrying a spiked ball rather than a pocket book, you should re-think your outfit.

Rihanna Grammy Awards 2010

Rihanna Grammy Awards 2010

Rihanna-  Classy and Elegant! Love it! Of course, not all of us hippy women can pull off excess drape on our hips, but Rihanna can! Anyway, this is one of my favorites of the night…

Beyonce Grammy Awards 2010

Beyonce Grammy Awards 2010

Beyonce- Gorgeous as always and I can definitely appreciate all the hand-work involved in detailing this gown.  However, I’m not a big fan of the fabric; I think it’s too sporty and Nude is not really that exciting. We can overlook this shortcoming as Beyonce never disappoints.

Pink Grammy Awards 2010

Pink Grammy Awards 2010

Pink-  I’m not quite sure why this gown qualifies Pink for the Worst Dressed list; Regardless that it’s a bit shiny for my taste, I love the construction of the gown and it gave Pink a more womanly figure in a tasteful way.