Wonderland Inspirations

I went to see Tim Burton’s film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland last weekend. I wasn’t expecting it have any lasting impressions on me, just a fun way to spend a few hours.  However, after the first five minutes I knew the costumes were going to be something special, and I find myself still thinking about them a week later!  

Continuality is something that has always bothered me in movies.  If Alice was going to shrink I didn’t want the dress to shrink with her because that made no sense!  To my delight costume designer Colleen Atwood had creatively addressed the size issue in all cases! 

For example, when Alice first shrinks her dress becomes a lovely wrap dress. 

Shrunk Alice Dress

Tiny Alice Costume

  Later in the movie, when Alice gets too big while visiting the Red Queen, she is offered new clothing during her masquerade as “Um from Umberidge. “  

Costume sketch and Photo of Alice's Red Court Dress.

Costume sketch and Photo of Alice's Red Court Dress.

Of course I’m not the only one to be inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the fairy tale fashion that goes with it. In December 2003 Vogue did an “Alice in Wonderland” fashion editorial shot by photographer superstar Annie Leibovitz with model Natalia Vodianova.   

”Alice In Wonderland” fashion editorial shot by Annie Leibovitz with model Natalia Vodianova

More recently, Zac Posen created an autumn 2010 pre-collection themed “Lewis Carroll meets Paloma Picasso.” Even Donatella Versace cited Alice as inspiration for her whimsical pastel spring/summer 2010 collection! Of course many brides to be want at least a little bit of fairy tale in their wedding dress!   


Here are some tips on how to bring some fantasy inspiration into your big day: 

  • For a bridesmaid or special occasion look that recreate the effect of Alice dressed as “Um from Umbridge,” try a dress with pleated ruffle detail on the shoulders. 


Liz Fields Style #266

Liz Fields Style #266 and #267

  • If you were more taken by Alice’s “tiny” fashions, try out a gown with some pleating! 

Liz Fields Destination Bridal Style #8281


  • Color has also played a big part not only in Alice in Wonderland but in any good fairy tale. If you want to keep your wedding dress predominately white, consider adding a sash or beading in a bright color that corresponds with the bridal party.


Liz Fields Style #277 and #278

Liz Fields Style #277 and #278

  • Take some time and think about what details will be ideal for you and then use this as a jumping off point in your planning.

Need even more fairy tale in your fairy tale wedding?  Here is a SNEAK PEEK of Liz Fields Fall 2010 line coming to a retailer near you!   

SNEAK PEEK! Liz Fields Fall 2010

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