When to Hire a Wedding Planner

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When planning a wedding there are many things to think about. On your wedding day you want to be relaxed and able to enjoy your special day. Oftentimes, the bride wants to take on all the responsibility and make every single decision regarding even the smallest details. This causes a ton of anxiety and even causes some brides to turn into bridezillas! Having a wedding planner could be one of the greatest wedding gifts you could give yourself. A wedding planner is there for you to use at your convenience. Not only can the wedding planner use your ideas and hear what you want, but they can actually apply everything you tell them and turn your dreams into a reality; a hassle-free reality.
For instance, a professional wedding planner will ask you the right questions… What is your budget, what colors do you like, have you picked a theme, do you have a song, and so on and so on and any other questions you may think of . The wedding planner, should you choose a good one and we hope you do, should have a wealth of knowledge about vendors, schedules, venues, prices, quality, and even people and so much more. The best research you could do for yourself if to research who is the very best wedding planner you can find in your area.
As many people know either through their own behavior or someone else’s; planning a wedding is a very stressful task. Most wedding planning takes anywhere from three to six months to even a year or longer. The wedding planner has your best interests in mind. The planner just wants you and your future husband or wife to enjoy your engagement as long as possible. Their ultimate goal is to see the both of you happy, stress-free, and loving each other on the day of your wedding.
“During the planning process, brides are able to deal with spreadsheets, contracts, negotiations, logistics, and the ‘business’ end of planning a wedding.  On the big day, though, they want to just show up, get dressed, get married, and have fun!  Wedding day coordinators take over the ‘business’ side of the wedding, allowing brides and their families to relax, let go, and have a wonderful stress-free day,” states Laura Auer from Wish Special Events.
So if you still can not decide whether or not hiring a wedding planner is a wise investment, just ask some of your friends who got married, both with or without a wedding planner, and see what they have to say and what their reactions are. Nine times out of ten, the brides that have had a wedding planner will strongly recommend you get one and the ones who missed out on having a wedding planner will tell you they wished they had one, especially when it comes to picking out a custom wedding dress.


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